Covid-19 Safety Precautions

We here at Alive Edge Designs take the health of our community, family and friends very seriously and pledge to do our very best to practice social distancing - an undertaking that has proven in history to have a tremendous positive impact on containing widespread diseases. We do not take Covid-19 lightly and in our quest to prevent its spread, will practice daily sanitation of our workshop. We are aware of the pressing importance of common sense hand practices: hand washing, use of sanitizer when possible. As woodworkers, we have been practicing self-quarantining with our respirators for years :)
As many of you may know, our business is small, mostly self contained and 99% of our sales and customer service is conducted online, over the phone, through email, whatsapp, skype, as well as via our website and various sales channels. We are now open, by appointment, for anyone may wish to see our inventory in person as well as have a face to face discussion regarding our process, lead times, or whatever our discussions may lead to! Please be prepared to wear a face covering during your visit to help prevent the spread of Covid throughout our community.
That being said, we are 100% operational, open and working. All current orders are on schedule and will be delivered as originally set. We have a beautiful inventory and will be putting some new inventory online very soon. All aspects of any order can be discussed over the phone, via email or video conference, if needed. There is absolutely no change to our craftsmanship, lead time, availability, and most importantly, delivery. We have never been more motivated to provide you the best in craftsmanship and service!!
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